San Antonio & Boerne Standby Generator Service

A whole house generator can keep your family safe through a power outage. Call the experts at Hunter Service Group in Kendall and Bexar Counties at 210-701-0192 for more information.

The changing climate means more powerful storms, leaving people without electricity. Extended power outages put people at risk when food spoils, they can’t get hot water, and necessary medical equipment fails. However, you can weather the storm with a whole house generator installation. Get in touch with our expert electricians to learn more.

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4 Reasons to Install a Standby Generator

People are more reliant on technology than ever before. We depend on electricity at home, health care facilities, or work. If you’ve never considered installing an emergency generator, here are four benefits that might change your mind.

Damage Prevention
The generator can prevent the loss of perishable products by keeping your electrical systems running. Moreover, when power is restored, there’s less chance of a surge damaging your electronics.

Generators keep your safety systems operational, like alarms, essential medical devices, and security cameras, providing peace of mind, which is essential during a blackout, especially at night.

Increased Home Value
Many potential home buyers find homes with an emergency generator more valuable and are willing to pay more for one that’s equipped.

Lastly, with an emergency generator, your family can operate normally as if nothing happened. You can continue working from home, watching TV, using the internet, and enjoying the everyday comforts you’re used to.

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